Turkey Sammie for me

It's weird to not get up and go running on a Saturday morning! I wanted to do something, but I don't run before a race. So, Ben and I did 8 minutes abs. Then, hit the Race Expo for my bib. I think race expos have so much energy and excitement around them!!! It's contagious! Before we left for the expo I ate  breakfast - I made a smaller than usual bowl of oatmeal. I knew we … [Read more...]

Lunch for a snack

Even though I wanted a PB&J for lunch I decided to make a big salad because I have so much produce! The goods: spinach, tomatoes, bell pepper, shredded carrot, mushrooms, garbanzo beans, peanuts and TJ's peanut dressing. It was so filling and delicious. I think eating salads with a bunch of topping is the lunch/dinner equivalent of oatmeal with toppings! After a lunch time … [Read more...]