Race day eats make me happy

I did it! I PR'd at the OC Marathon and I'm very happy. Ahhhhh!!! Check out the stats from my last half and then from this one: Long Beach Half Marathon - Oct 2008 - 1h:57m:12s OC Half Marathon - May 2009 - 1h:52m:59s It was hard for me to sleep last night - I was super nervous! I get really nervous  before races even though I've ran the distance in the past. So many fears … [Read more...]

OC Half – Carb Loading

I have said it before on the blog my carb loading of choice is rice with soy sauce with some main dish of Thai or Chinese food. After a long day I decided quick Chinese takeout was the easiest way to get my hands on my salty carb of choice. I started with wonton soup. The place we went to didn't have very many choices, but I decided on steamed rice(they don't have brown rice … [Read more...]