No Run Monday

Thanks for all your great comments about my race! It feels really good to have so many people sending good wishes :) I never claim that running is easy and no matter how many races I do I still get nervous for them, so I really appreciate your support. Today was a rest day from running since I ran 13.1 miles yesterday. I wanted to do something, so Ben and I went to the gym. I … [Read more...]

Race Day Eats Recap

The rest of my race day eats were fun and indulgent. I mostly snacked my way through the afternoon. *Always assume I eat 2-3x the fruit shown. Plus a granola bar (no pic). And had some salad and a piece of chicken sausage for dinner (stolen from Ben) But, realized I wanted to try one of my new veggie burgers... so I did! I love this kind. It's so flavorful and I like that … [Read more...]

OC Half 2009 – Video

Here is me the morning of the race and right after it's done... I apologize, for some reason the sound on the video cuts out toward the end of each bite. Boo, but I thought I'd post it anyways. Things it cuts off - Me saying, "Note to self, braid your hair!" and Ben saying that he ate a Carl's Jr. Breakfast Burger while I was running. It's not easy to eat healthy around … [Read more...]