I scream

I should just come home and scream when I’m stressed. Even if I sound completely crazy to the neighbors it might relieve some of my stress and prevent me from stress eating.

Instead of screaming, I ate a bunch of random crap after dinner. I cannot stay away from ice cream when it’s in the house! I was completely full from dinner when I broke open these bad boys and had it with a VitaTop. dscn8433

That is ridiculous and easily an extra 600 calories (with the random stuff I was snacking on).

Okay, my rant is done. Dinner was calavasitas and beansdscn8430

and a big salad with hummus. dscn8428

Again, I was not hungry after dinner, but after ice cream, Vitatop, trail mix and bites of other ice cream I can just scream at myself.

Ben and I talked about this for a while tonight and think I should go to therapy  I need to find a new habit for when I get home. I’m thinking reading or stretching would make me happy. I already take a walk when I get home, and I just eat crap when I get back.

I have another appt. with the RD this week so hopefully I’ll get some help from her too. For now I’m going to read Intuitive Eating and get back on the horse. I’m only 10 pounds away from my goal and I would love to lose it in 45 days, but I know that may not be possible to do in a healthy way. Hmmmm.


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