Gross out your friends

I love when races give out Technical T's instead of regular old white shirts. I get too sweaty to run in t-shirts, so I love when I can wear a race tee to run! This was my running garb this morning. I did 5.5 miles with some hills thrown in for fun (?). My friends who read the blog make comments that some of the stuff I eat is gross. I literally was on the phone with my … [Read more...]

Cinco de Mayo Dinner

Two years ago today  Ben and I were in Vegas...for our third date. On our 2nd date we talked about how I had never been to the Grand Canyon. He suggested that we go that following weekend and I agreed. We both thought the other person was bluffing. That Thursday he called me and said he would pick me up Friday at 7pm. I didn't figure he was serious, (but I kinda hoped he was) … [Read more...]

Lunch Time All Day

I brought my lunch today figuring I might subsidize it with the potluck goodies. I did sample some spinach dip my peep made and these chips everyone was raving about, but mostly stuck to my own for lunch. But - the food was out all day so I may or may not have grabbed a few goodies later :) As I predicted, the potluck included a lot of fried chicken and chips, that I wasn't … [Read more...]