Cinco de Mayo Dinner

Two years ago today  Ben and I were in Vegas…for our third date. On our 2nd date we talked about how I had never been to the Grand Canyon. He suggested that we go that following weekend and I agreed. We both thought the other person was bluffing. That Thursday he called me and said he would pick me up Friday at 7pm. I didn’t figure he was serious, (but I kinda hoped he was) so I agreed.foodies 047 Cinco de Mayo Dinner

He picked me up and we drove to Las Vegas to stay overnight and then go to the Grand Canyon in the morning. The GC is a few hours away from Vegas. (*The pic is from our cruise last year.)

The trip was fun and crazy, and had many speedbumps including –

– He lost both our IDs Saturday night in a club, so we couldn’t get a room

– We tried to sleep in his freezing car, but I could not sleep

– We ran out of gas on the way home. Seriously.

But, it worked out because we’re getting married next month. Ha.

I felt obligated to have some Mexican food for dinner since it’s Cinco de Mayo. But, I’m sorry to say that I didn’t actually cook anything. I really should bust out some good Mexican dishes for you guys. Not today folks.

I just grabbed something out of the freezer – an Amy’s burrito. dscn8458 Cinco de Mayo Dinner

I had leftovers of the Calavasitas (aka Carlos Vasitas) and the burrito. It was good, but needed Tapatio.dscn8457 Cinco de Mayo Dinner

Dessert- I grabbed a sip of the Silk Chocolate Soymilk and a few tiny Nutter Butter cookies Matt was eating for a snack, but stopped myself and grabbed a sf hot cocoa which is super filling. Now I’m watching Real Housewives of NY and blogging away.


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