Gross out your friends

I love when races give out Technical T’s instead of regular old white shirts. I get too sweaty to run in t-shirts, so I love when I can wear a race tee to run! This was my running garb this morning. I did 5.5 miles with some hills thrown in for fun (?).dscn8460

My friends who read the blog make comments that some of the stuff I eat is gross. I literally was on the phone with my friend and she said that stuff that I eat on salad looks disgusting (she was talking about hummus). Turns out that is exactly what I was eating right then!

Well, here is another meal that is going to gross out my friends: my version of the Green Monster with a bowl of cereal.

My Green Monster had: 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 naner, ice and a scoop of Amazing Grass.dscn8463 

Let’s see what my friends say about this smoothie. But, on a happy note I know Ben would totally drink this with me. I know a lot of the bloggers/green monster drinkers cannot get their BFs or Husbands to drink it, but next time I see him I’ll make him one :)


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    I love technical shirts too! So much better than cotton tees. I could never wear a cotton tee to run- I would die!
    I have never had a Green Monster but after seeing them on so many blogs, I feel I must try one!
    Cereal bowl looks very good!!

    Have a nice afternoon!

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    I love getting tech shirts too!!! We so need to do a race together this summer, I am planning on doing several 10ks in the OC:)

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    I’ve never worn a tech shirt. I just wear sports bras to exercise. When I was in h.s., I used to go running in a t-shirt and jean shorts – in 100 degree weather. I can’t believe I survived.

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