Lunch Time All Day

I brought my lunch today figuring I might subsidize it with the potluck goodies. I did sample some spinach dip my peep made and these chips everyone was raving about, but mostly stuck to my own for lunch. But – the food was out all day so I may or may not have grabbed a few goodies later :)

As I predicted, the potluck included a lot of fried chicken and chips, that I wasn’t really tempted by… dscn8444

 …but it also had other goodies that dscn8446were tempting!

Lunch– A massive salad with the added star ingredient – Cilantro. The addition really made it great. I also had some soy crisps and Kashi crackers on the side.dscn8450

After I was done with the salad I knew I wanted something else with the leftover crackers, either PB or cheese. Random. All I could find was some raw Almond Butter, but it worked. Oh, and some cookie pieces that were laying there.dscn8451

 dscn8452Later I got my watermelon and a taste of the beans & rice  someone brought.

I packed almonds and a few raisins for an afternoon snack, and decided I’m not a big almond person unless it’s with something else, like in trail mix.dscn8453 

So I grabbed a handful of this, dscn8454


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    I have a love/hate relationship with potlucks. I love the variety of homemade food, but I always overeat. I should just stay away, but I get too excited for them.

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