Lunch Samples

My bridal shower is tomorrow! My mom is throwing it and I volunteered to make fruit salad and a broccoli salad, mainly because I wanted to eat these specific things, Ha. So, I went to Costco on my lunch to get fruit and broccoli. While there I ate samples of: - Hawaiian sweet bread - Muenster Cheese - Cracker w/ cream cheese and smoked salmon - Some Indian Spinach dish (that … [Read more...]

From the beginning

Breakfast -was the usual bowl of banana oats topped with some organic O's and AB. I also had a few handfuls of cereal while cooking, so that adds some cals to my breakfast.   Rest day Friday - Since today was a no run day I went to the gym with Ben this morning. The bad thing is he only likes to be at the gym for a short time, so I did 30 minutes on the stairmaster and … [Read more...]

Just pics

For some reason the computer/wordpress/I don't know who/ is not letting me post pics except for in the gallery. So, here's a photo recap of my little day. I had a great appointment with the RD and she has given me some tasks that will affect the blog. I'm will let you know tomorrow :) lunch … [Read more...]