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My bridal shower is tomorrow! My mom is throwing it and I volunteered to make fruit salad and a broccoli salad, mainly because I wanted to eat these specific things, Ha.

So, I went to Costco on my lunch to get fruit and broccoli. While there I ate samples of:

- Hawaiian sweet bread

- Muenster Cheese

- Cracker w/ cream cheese and smoked salmon

- Some Indian Spinach dish (that I purchased)

- Curry potatoes (also purchased)

I also bought some of the amazing Food Should Taste Good Multi-Grain Chips. I love these things. I had to crack them open in the car. I don’t normally crave salty things, but these chips are so good I do crave them! dscn8545 thumb Lunch Samplesdscn8542 thumb Lunch Samples




Before I left for Costco I ate my watermelon part of lunch. My pics of watermelon never do it justice! 

dscn8539 thumb Lunch Samples

When I got back I was pretty full from all the samples and chips on car ride back to work (oops!), but knew I should eat now because I had a lot of work to do. I made a PB&PB on raisin Ez bread. Love it. 

dscn8548 thumb Lunch Samples

Now I have to be sure to put the Food Should Taste Good chips out of my reach for my long drive home! I could do some damage with that huge Costco bag!!!!

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    gotta love costco samples! i think you fared pretty well. i am interested in the spinach indian dish.. but i am sure you will be posting it when you eat it. i LOVE that broccoli salad from costco.. if that is the one you were talking about. it is so good! have fun!

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