Indian and Mexican

DSCN8555I bought this great packaged of Kashmir Spinach from Costco today and really wanted it for dinner.

But, Ben wanted these amazing  Green Corn Tamales that a local Mexican restaurant has (they are seasonal from May to Oct). So we did both.

Green Corn Tamales

Fresh Corn off the Cob, Corn Masa, Cheddar Cheese and Ortega Chile, Steamed in its Own Husk. Beans and Rice.
May Thru October only

DSCN8560I ate some chips and salsa while heating up the spinach and making brown rice. I know my nails are tragic, but I’m waiting until next weekend to get them done – Vegas Baby!

Dinner ended up being the Indian Spinach dish on brown rice and a Mexican tamale. The Spinach was good and I always love brown rice.  A weird combo, but they both tasted great!DSCN8564

After dinner Ben and I went for a walk and I wanted to take a detour to Golden Spoon, but Ben successfully talked me out of it. But, we did agree on Yogurtland tomorrow!

Plans for tomorrow:

– Run

– Eat

– Make Broccoli salad

– My bridal shower :)

I’ll see ya tomorrow!

Oh, I had trail mix and yogurt for an afternoon snack…DSCN8552


  1. Jen says

    Loveee tamales! I can’t find the kind I like (plain sweet corn) anywhere except SoCal though. So heartbreaking.

    Have a blast at your bridal shower! Can’t wait for the recap. 😉

  2. anna says

    Have fun at your shower 😀

    Yum tamales with spinach what a great combo

    I love sweet corn tamales with refried beans and queso fresco.

  3. says

    Hope your bridal shower is bombin! Those are so fun! I bet your face will hurt when it’s over!
    I love those TastyBite meals. 90 seconds!

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