Bridal Shower for R.E.R

Sorry I didn’t get you a recap on Saturday. The bridal shower was at my mom’s and some of my fam didn’t leave until late. dscn8609 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

Earlier Saturday I went for a long run, it ended up being 13 miles. I wasn’t sure how much I wanted to do, but I’m going to be missing some long runs in June due to the wedding and honeymoon. Before I set out I had some cereal, which turned out to not make my tummy happy. I need to stick with PB toast!  Don’t worry, I made up for it with an amazing  yogurt bowl after the run icon smile Bridal Shower for R.E.Rdscn8568 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

My mom threw the bridal shower and as soon as she told me she was doing it I offered to make a salad because that’s my “thing” for family events. I ended up making a broccoli salad, a fruit salad and pasta, pesto and peas! I am out of control and kept thinking up more things I wanted to make icon smile Bridal Shower for R.E.R I was watching the Barefoot Contessa and saw her make this on Friday and last minute decided to make it for the party. I know most brides don’t make the food for their showers, but I like cooking and was excited to have an excuse to make all this food!

I love fruit! I must eat cups and cups of it everytime I chop it up icon smile Bridal Shower for R.E.Rdscn8600 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

Broccoli Salad – I health-ified an old recipeby using mostly Greek yogurt instead of mayo and omitting bacon. You can find tons of versions of this recipes online. dscn8593 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

Pasta, Pesto and Peas – I used the Barefoot Contessa recipe as a base, but forgot the lemon and spinach and used all walnuts no pine nuts. dscn8597 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

The spread – dscn8603 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

I snacked on a ton of hummus and mini pitas that didn’t get pictured, plus  more of the pasta and broccoli salads! dscn8584 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

dscn8611 Bridal Shower for R.E.RI ended up grabbing a turkey wrap because I felt like I needed something for protein.dscn8606 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

My cousin made Sangria. The wedding is at a winery and they don’t have a license for hard liquor so the drinks will include: red wine, white wine, beer and Sangria. So, we’re trying to perfect the recipe now.dscn8588 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

Look at all the fruit in there!dscn8592 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

The desserts – dscn8617 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

I ate some of everything! Hey, life is short, eat cake. dscn8622 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

The favors – dscn8627 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

A friend of the family’s daughter made me a bride out of play dough. How cute is this? dscn8631 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

In other important news I finally cracked and bought these from TJ’s this weekend. I’ve seen them for a while and have kept myself from buying them for fear that I will eat the whole bag. dscn8576 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

They are amazing & I could see myself finishing off 20 of them before I even realized! Well, I smartly set them out at my mom’s and they were gone in no time.  Buy these. dscn8580 Bridal Shower for R.E.R

Sorry for the super long post! Overall, I had a great time at the bridal shower. We played some fun games and chatted a bunch. It’s fun to just hang out with friends and fam and enjoy good food:) I ate everything and probably “socially snacked” too much, but I’m going to let it go and just enjoy the memories of a good day!


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    all the food looks super good, i bet it was all a hit! that pesto pea salad sounds delish thanks for the link. i am the same way with fruit, i think i ate like nine cups of it today ;) glad you had a fun shower!!

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    Great food!
    I love 13 mile runs. You always feel like you’ve really accomplished something afterward.
    The embroidery on your dress looks gorgeous.

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    I am glad the shower went well!! Amazing looking food! Your salads look awesome! Yummy!
    And of course cake always looks scrumptious!
    Kudos to you for doing a 13 Mile run! Woohoo! I wanted to do one yesterday but my hamstring was a little sore so I didn’t want to push it!
    Sangria looks so good too! Yum!
    Have a great day!!

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