Driving Dinner

I made the biggest mistake of opening in a bag of chips on the way home from TJ’s today. I have a l-o-n-g commute, so I basically have an hour (or more!) to mindlessly snack.

I ate 3/4 of it by the time I got home. I knew I should stop eating it, but I tried to pace myself. I am an idiot. dscn8693 Driving Dinner

This is kinda out of character for me to eat chips. I am a sweets girl all the way. Weird. ????

dscn8699 Driving DinnerThese are good, but don’t buy them if you’re going to be stuck in a car with them.dscn8697 Driving Dinner

Before my chip dinner I was having a good, healthy day. I had a lot of fruit for snacks.dscn8691 Driving Dinner

And maybe a little chocolate or two.dscn8690 Driving Dinner See the wrappers?

I was not hungry when I got home, but I thought I should eat something so I had some trailmix and a green smoothie. dscn8703 Driving Dinner
Wedding Band – I went to get the wedding band after work today and it wasn’t there! The sales guy I worked with wasn’t there and another girl helped me. She said it was sold.

I called my sales guy when I left and he tracked it down and said it was being transferred to another store because someone else wanted it. But it was there in the store when I was there ready to buy it!!!

I talked to the store manager to see if he could stop the transfer for me. Since I was there, ready to buy it and had looked at it the day before & told the sales guy I would be back today – it should be mine. The sales guy even told me it’s a customer service issue and they should have realized that it was not sold to someone else, but waiting in the back for a transfer.

We’ll see if I get it tomorrow. I’m not going to get to upset since I have so much going on right now with the wedding, work and moving I can’t deal with added stress.

IE Journal – I broke one of the RD’s rules by eating in the car today. I should only be eating – not reading, standing, driving,etc – when I’m eating. The distraction kept me from knowing how much I was eating and when to stop. I know better than this and could have prevented it by putting the food in the trunk or back seat.


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    oooo my goodness how funny!!! I did the SAME exact thing I had to go back and buy another bag the next day, I love those chips:)

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    Good luck with the wedding band. So frustrating.
    Like you, I am definitely a sweets person. But it’s hard not to eat when you have a yummy snack just staring at you and nothing else to do.

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    I think the green smoothie was the perfect complement to your chip dinner!

    I used to do this all the time. My commute was 1.5 hours during dinner and I would snack like crazy!!

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