It's building

My excitement for this weekend is totally building! I am taking tomorrow off, so this is my "Friday" and this morning I got this text message from my friend - "Drink extra water today so you're ready for the booze". Noted: I don't know what she has planned, but it sounds like it will involve a lot of vodka. I don't normally drink that much, so wish me luck! Run: I did 5.7 … [Read more...]

Simple, but perfect

I think my favorite dinner is salmon, a sweet potato and salad (or brussel sprouts!). Since I'm trying to figure out what I love I thought I'd test this theory- salmon it was! I grilled it on the George Foreman with teryaki sauce, threw the sweet potato in the microwave and threw together a salad. This is the easiest gourmet dinner ever! Love it. Ben and I shared this … [Read more...]