Read Eat Repeat

Is anyone else curious as to how long I'm going to try and think up new ways to use "Blank, Eat, Repeat"? Ha! I am super behind on reading blogs after my weekend get away!!! So, I am trying to quickly get updated on blogland, but I don't really have time to comment much. So, I am Reading (instead of running, get it?)! Lunch was another HUGE salad - lettuce, tomatoes, shredded … [Read more...]


It's back to my normal little life now... This post is not going to be half as exciting as my last one. W/O: I did 6 miles of happiness today :) Breakfast was a smoothie with a PB&PB english muffin (the 1/2 naner is left over from the smoothie)             I was super tired from my sleepless weekend, so I didn't post my daily eats yesterday. They were pretty … [Read more...]

Bachelorette Party

I have been MIA because I was in Las Vegas for my Bachelorette Party!!! Now, I try to keep sacred the Vegas code: "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" So, I won't say too much, except I had the Best.Time.Ever. Love it! My friends went out of their way to get all these cute party favors and games and stuff for me to wear! Plus they had very fun events planned. I cannot tell … [Read more...]