Raw Wed. Continues

I haven't had the easiest time with the Raw Wednesday Challenge. I think eating raw was meant to stop when humans figured out how to make  fire 10,000 years ago. Sorry, it's true. Ha. But I do have an amazing "No Bake" Recipe for you in the next post! W/O: 5 miles. I felt a little tired today. When I got back I tried to do some yoga, but only got through 15 minutes. My legs … [Read more...]

Fries for dessert

Ben showed up on my doorstep last night by surprise to take me out for dessert. But, it turns out he hadn't even eaten dinner yet (it was 9pm) so we went to a local hamburger place to get him some grub. I didn't order anything, but did eat some of his fries...then felt super full. Boo. But, it is kinda sweet that he drove an hour just to see me :) My dinner was another random … [Read more...]