Raw Wed. Continues

I haven’t had the easiest time with the Raw Wednesday Challenge. I think eating raw was meant to stop when humans figured out how to make  fire 10,000 years ago. Sorry, it’s true. Ha.

But I do have an amazing “No Bake” Recipe for you in the next post!

W/O: 5 miles. I felt a little tired today. When I got back I tried to do some yoga, but only got through 15 minutes. My legs are tired after a run and the lunges kill me!!! But, the mornings after a run, is the only time I have to stretch/yoga.

 Raw Wed. ContinuesBreakfast: I munched on some of this after the run/before yoga. I haven’t had soymilk in a long time since I switched to almond milk. I think I am officially a convert to almond milk – I totally like it better than soy!

 Raw Wed. ContinuesI wasn’t that hungry after this snack and making my raw recipe, but I thought I should eat a normal breakfast. I made a yogurt bowl with this yogurt:




and topped it with banana, cereal, dried berries and almond butter.  Raw Wed. Continues Raw Wed. Continues

I think I am loving this Raw Almond Butter! I love how grainy it is icon smile Raw Wed. Continues


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    I’m so excited to make the raw cookies! I’m going to the store right now (no exaggeration, and it’s 9:36am).



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