Don't want to eat random parts of a cow?

Then, soy chorizo is for you!

Lunch was great-  Soy chorize with egg white  on a flatoutDSCN9164 wrap.

If you guys like regular chorizo, you have to try this. It’s so good! With cherries and cucs on the side. Love it. DSCN9165DSCN9170

Chorizo is so tasty! And I’m so glad there’s a vegetarian alternative to the original. This one is still pretty high in fat, but every now and then a Mexican girl has to have some chorizo!



DSCN9172I couldn’t keep my hand out of the (raw oat) cookie jar after lunch! I ate 2 of them as a snack.

And I don’t know what it is, but I am loving that raw almond butter so I had some of that on a piece of ww with chocolate chips. Love it.


DSCN9187I snacked on chips and hummus while throwing together dinner.





It was a massive salad with all the fixings: lettuce, tomato, onion, mushrooms, carrots, animal crackers, peanuts, chick peas with TJ’s Peanut dressing.DSCN9177

Someone asking about the dressing. Here it is:DSCN9174

I love this stuff and use it all the time. I actually have to make myself use another dressing sometimes or I would just eat this! The nutritional are as good as it gets for a delicious peanut sauce – DSCN9175

DSCN9190I made roasted brussels to go with dinner, but I was too full to eat them. I did have a few because I love them though!




DSCN9192I had a little piece of chocolate after dinner…


DSCN9194But then, I had another errand to complete. After I  came home feeling “munchy”. I was supposed to stop eating after dinner for 30 straight days – to break the habit, but I caved and had some hot cocoa and PB Puffins. It could be worse, but the principle of the thing is I am eating out of habit, NOT hunger and I need to stop this.

Intuitive Eating Journal – I do feel like I am getting a better idea of when I’m hungry and when I’m not. That doesn’t mean I’m actually only eating at those times when I’m hungry, but I think awareness is the first step.

I realized that I wasn’t hungry tonight when I was eating the PB Puffins. I didn’t stop myself from it, but I did stop myself from eating anything else.

I’m making small steps that are going to be permanent so it’s taking longer that I’d like, but I’m hoping to be done night time eating/habitually snacking at the end of the 30 days.


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