Reason to run

It's very hard to get motivated for a long run when you're not actually training for a race! I am going to pick my next 2 races tonight so I have a Reason to Run! Ben said my love of running should be reason enough, but that love will only take me 6 miles or so, after that I need a reason! W/O: I did 11.70 miles this morning. I was going to do 12 miles, but I took a route … [Read more...]

Intuitive Overeating

I did good and bad last night for dinner. We went to Lucille's for dinner last night. We were kinda celebrating Ben moving into a new place :) and he had never been to Lucille's before. I knew he would love it since he's a big meat eater and we're always going to places I want to go so I thought I'd give him this one. Intuitive Eating Journal - I listened to my body and ate … [Read more...]