Intuitive Overeating

I did good and bad last night for dinner. We went to Lucille’s for dinner last night. We were kinda celebrating Ben moving into a new place icon smile Intuitive Overeating and he had never been to Lucille’s before. I knew he would love it since he’s a big meat eater and we’re always going to places I want to go so I thought I’d give him this one.

Intuitive Eating Journal – I listened to my body and ate what I wanted, but I haven’t got my “fullness meter” figured out yet so even though I stopped when I was full I should have stopped a bit before. I ended up feeling super full. But – I still think I did well! Making progress icon smile Intuitive Overeating

 Intuitive OvereatingI started with a beverage that I shared with him – Lucille’s Big Peach. This drink is HUGE!

Rum, Hiram Walker Peach Schnapps and pureed peaches, blended and topped with whipped cream. Served in our 22 oz mug.

* I avoided a calorie disaster when I generously gave Ben the whipped cream after I took a taste icon smile Intuitive Overeating



 Intuitive OvereatingHave you guys ever had the biscuits here? They are so good! I’m no expert seeing as I’ve never been to the “south”, but I do know a good carb when I taste it. I considered only eating half to be “good”, but I really wanted to eat it so I did icon smile Intuitive Overeating

 Intuitive OvereatingWe ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes as an appetizer. This was the first time I’d ever tried a green tomater – they were good, but isn’t anything fried good? It’s not hard to do.

 Intuitive OvereatingI ordered the half chicken with corn on the cob and a baked potato. This was probably the healthiest combo on the menu. Not fried, or covered in butter is hard to find here. I double checked and the vegetable medley side is cooked in butter so I went with the corn. Good choice icon smile Intuitive Overeating always ask if you don’t know!

But, it turns out the biscuit and green tomatos totally made me full so I barely made a dent in this huge plate. It also turn out I do not like eating chicken off the bone, which I knew, but thought I could get over. Nope, gross.

 Intuitive OvereatingLucky for Ben we had a lot of leftovers for the next day! Of course I devoured the watermelon and corn though!


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