Reason to run

It’s very hard to get motivated for a long run when you’re not actually training for a race! I am going to pick my next 2 races tonight so I have a Reason to Run!

Ben said my love of running should be reason enough, but that love will only take me 6 miles or so, after that I need a reason!

W/O: I did 11.70 miles this morning. I was going to do 12 miles, but I took a route that ended with a very steep hill. F that I’m walking.

I had to call Ben to come pick me up and was able to pick up some goodies for breakfast. I saw this cottage cheese with pineapple and hadn’t had it for a while so I had to get it! dscn9268 Reason to run

I mixed the cottage cheese with pineapple with naner, apple, cereal, raisins, cranberries, coconut and almond butter. This is exactly what I wanted! Love it.dscn9269 Reason to run

 Reason to runBen was eating my leftovers and I stole a few bites icon smile Reason to run
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    Yea, races are definitely a big motivator for me, too! That cottage cheese with pineapple looks interesting– I’ve never seen that before. Delicious breakfast :)

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    What a great idea for a breakfast. I love cottage cheese but have only ever thought of having it on a sandwich or jacket potato!

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