Shop smart

This time I don’t mean shop smarter price wise – I mean pick the best options for what you want to eat.

This morning I wanted a traditional American breakfast with eggs, sausage and toast. I used these things – egg beaters, veggie sausage and Perfect 10 bagel. Swapping these choices for real eggs, sausage and a bagel saved me hundreds of calories! dscn9304 Shop smart

My guilty add in was a little cheddar cheese on top of the egg beaters icon smile Shop smart A little goes a long way when you use sharp cheddar! I cooked some onions and mushrooms in a skillet before adding the egg beaters too icon smile Shop smart dscn9307 Shop smart

 Shop smartYesterday’s eats were really random because I ate breakfast so late after my run. I ate some watermelon and Triscuits before setting off on errands.

 Shop smartThen, Ben got some greasy grub food from Costco when we were there. I had a few bites too. It is going to be a struggle when we live together and he eats like this all the time. Luckily, I am planning on being in charge of the grocery shopping icon smile Shop smart

I don’t think he was ready for me to take the picture yet! Ha.

 Shop smartI ate some blueberries on the way home.






 Shop smartI also found this bar on clearance at Ralph’s. I really liked it! Ben liked it too. It has a very chai spicey-ness to it that I like icon smile Shop smart





 Then, I decided to have a super light dinner of salad so I could leave room for dessert…dscn9296 Shop smart

Dessert! Yogurtland rocks my world. I am getting out of control with the toppings! LOVE IT.  dscn9299 Shop smart

You know how I said Ben was moving? Well, I got to pick the paint color since I’m a girl icon smile Shop smart Right now it is a tragic pink color, This is after they started to sand it down… I’ll show you the “after” when it’s done! dscn9281 Shop smart


  1. Ashley C. says

    Love the “healthified” breakfast. I got those perfect 10 bagels and thought they tasted a little weird though, I don’t know why.
    I’m obsessed with those self serve yogurt places too. There are like a million around here in Temecula so anywhere I go in town I know I’m within a mile radius of one calling my name. I use more toppings than yogurt :-) It’s just too good.

  2. says

    Great healthy breakfast. I’ve found that I now prefer the “healthier” options, even taste wise. And they make me feel so much better, too.

    Your dessert looks fantastic! Have a great night :)

  3. Amanda says

    I find it hard to eat healthy around my boyfriend too! I find myself going to Wendy’s with him!! Such a bad influence, he’s lucky I love him : )

  4. xlucyintheskywithdiamondsx says

    I love all the pictures of your meals that you post!! They all look so tasty!

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