New lappy

Howdy - Sorry I'm late! I was setting up my new laptop :) It has a different mouse pad than I'm used to and I keep messing up! Blog related - We decided to get one of those internet plans that you can use anywhere so while I'm on vacation I'll be blogging it up! Can you see my reflection in the computer?      My peep wanted to go to the Farmer's Market for lunch and I … [Read more...]

Cutting a Watermelon

It's Sandia time! Here is a quick video on my watermelon cutting technique. I know it's not rocket science, but I think the way I do it is pretty simple and fast. Also, making the video prevented me from eating all of it as I cut, since I knew you'd be watching :) How to Cut a Watermelon   And I guess we're getting pretty close now since I completely don't feel … [Read more...]


It certainly didn't feel like Monday today. I got to sleep in, go for a run, eat a leisurely breakfast and accomplish a ton of wedding tasks :) Wedding things we got done: - Tons of follow ups with vendors - Deciding flower stuff - Getting Ben's ring sized and engraved W/O: Run 6 miles. I woke up late - 8:15ish! Luckily, it was cool here today so I still had a nice little … [Read more...]