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No matter what other people tell me about my running, clothes, body, etc I have my own opinion on it. And their opinion will never be more important than mine. I appreciate feedback and other’s thoughts, I often ask for opinions on certain things. But I never ask for opinions on my body. It doesn’t matter what other people think. How I feel is the deciding factor.

I am on this rant today because my mom told me this morning that I look thin in my running gear. I should have just said thanks and walked away, but I told her I haven’t lost any weight for the wedding. This comment started a big back and forth discussion where she insisted I look thin and I insisted she should make an appointment with the eye doctor.

Fact: No one that is 5″6 and 158 appears thin. I don’t care if you’re dressed in black and wearing heals – that’s just not “thin”.

It’s super frustrating because I almost take the comment as, “This is as good as it gets for you, so just accept it.” And I don’t want to just accept it. I used to be heavier so this isn’t the worst I can look, but let me have some hope that I can get to my goal weight. I am not giving up over here, and I have a long way to go.

Fact: It could be worse.

I agree that it could be worse. I have been heavier, but I have also been thinner. I am making lifestyle changing and learning about my body’s food needs every day. I am moving in the right direction (down).

W/O: Well, that rant was a workout on it’s own, but I also ran 5  slow miles. I was feeling super sluggish today. Could the carb fest from last night be to blame?

Breakfast: oatbran, almond milk, naner, topped with brown sugar, a few dried berries and a little almond butter.Foodies 1949

The almond butter is the same color as the oatbran :) I’ve decided this meal is so heavy I feel like I’m going to barf when I’m done. Oatbran is like a brick.Foodies 1951

My friend recently commented that she doesn’t know how I am so “good“. Obviously, this is relative because I am very “bad” compared to most bloggers out there. Again, it’s all relative…

But some things are easy for me to do

 – running in the morning (my therapy),

– eating a healthy breakfast (been doing this my whole life)

– eating veggies (love them!)

– not eating meat (never crave it, only eat it if it’s there)

But other things are very hard for me and I’m working on it –

– Not eating after dinner!

– Not eating Ben’s food

– Only eating when I’m hungry

– Learning to stop before I’m stuffed

– Not eating for emotional reasons

Question: What is easy for you? What is hard?


  1. says

    good for you for ranting and getting that out!

    Easy for me:
    Eating healthy most of the time
    Not splurging at every meal/snack/etc just because something is there
    Running when I can (not mornings, but I wish!)

    Hard for me:
    Getting over feeling angry at people that eat junk all the time and don’t gain anything – I know I’m healthier than they are, but it’s frustrating sometimes.

    Stopping when satisfied is something is REALLY good

    Not eating / eating for emotional reasons. I seem to do one extreme or the other when family crises come up, which I guess is normal, but I would like to be able to not let emotions control food.

  2. strivingforbalance says

    good to rant to get it off your chest!
    I can 100% relate to this post! I feel the same way when people comment about my weight and appearance, because I still need to lose weight too. I struggle with overeating and emotional eating. But I always am able to prepare a healthy breakfast and workout almost everyday. It’s all about “balance” (hence my blog name lol)


  3. says

    Easy for me:
    Cooking healthy meals at home and shopping for fruits/veggies
    Giving up soda and only drinking water
    Eating small dinners
    Never wanting dessert

    Hard for me:
    Drinking alcohol less than 3x a week (particularly beer)
    Not eating out at lunch and wanting bad food
    Waiting until I’m starving to eat lunch
    Not eating breakfast
    Working out consistently

    Love the blog Monica! I’ve become a daily reader! :)

  4. says

    Monica, don’t feel bad about the mom comments – I’ve gotten that, too, and I think it’s just a mom thing. My stats are pretty much the same as yours and in no way do I feel too “thin.” Though my family has started to get away from saying I’m on a diet (not the good diet, as in the food you eat daily, but the diet as in I’m eating to lose weight), which relieves me since I eat to be healthy and good to my body and don’t like feeling like garbage after big, unhealthy meals.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t indulge more than I should, but I know how to get back on track and I’m starting to learn when good times to indulge are versus bad times.

    What’s easy for me?

    Talking the talk and walking it the majority of the time – I’m good at telling people the benefits of what I eat and why it’s good for everyone

    Eating my fruits and veggies

    Getting in a workout at LEAST 3x a week

    Having treats in moderation while at work – also, packing a lunch every day

    Buying healthy food at the grocery store

    Eating a delicious, balanced breakfast every day

    Making sure I stay hydrated

    What’s hard for me?

    Overindulging in alcohol on the weekends, especially in the hot heat of summer (I’m in Canada, it’s short!)

    Overindulging at family functions OR when my husband cooks something delicious

    Eating when I’m bored – which I’m starting to cure by eating balanced, getting my vitamins and staying out of the kitchen! Or keeping busy while I’m in the kitchen.

    The one thing I always remember to tell myself is that I can be bad if I want to, just in moderation. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and when people criticize I try to remember that. If I slip up one day and overindulge in pizza, chips and beer, I’ll make sure to start the next day with a healthy breakfast and a run to make up for it.

    Like Jenna over at Eat, Live, Run said, life is too short to NOT enjoy! Don’t worry about what other people say – it’s your body and it’s up to you to love and care for it.

    Sorry for the huge comment! Love your blog, by the way. :-)


  5. says

    I understand girl, skinny bride tells me the same thing! Eating healthy and excersising is easy, resting, reading and studying are hard!!!!

  6. Ashley C. says

    Hey Monica- first of all I wanted to say that ever since I met you in Long Beach I have been reading and loving your blog- it was so fun to meet you and I wished we could have talked longer and/or live closer.
    I would have never guessed that you were trying to lose weight nor think you would need to from meeting you, but I totally understand your desire to want to. I myself lost 70 lbs over the course of 2 years and lots of hard work. At first I didn’t tell anyone I was trying because I was embarrassed and didn’t want to fail- I wasn’t even positive I could do it since everyone in my family is overweight. However, I started to lose weight and told people I want to lose more and they told me “you would be way too skinny if you lost 30 more!” but I knew I needed to to be at my ideal weight. I have since lost the weight and have lots of people compliment me, and one tell me I look too skinny. My mom was constantly telling me how thin I looked and would tell me I was “withering away”. She still comments saying that I’m so tiny, but it’s a lot less in a worrisome way; I think because she has seen that this is a healthy weight for me to maintain for ME, that I eat a lot and when I’m hungry, and that I’m happy like this. Ultimately you just have to listen to YOU and what you want– of course you know, don’t be anorexic but that’s a given. So good for you for listening to YOU & I also have loved seeing your journey through intuitive eating. It is something I am working on as well so I give you major props. We all have our ups and downs & in the big picture of things, remember how great you are doing. Sorry this is so freaking long 😛
    Easy for me:
    -Getting enough fruits/veggies (especially fruit)
    -Exercising regularly
    -Eating healthy most of the time
    Hard for me:
    -Snacking after dinner(working on this one as well!)
    -Eating when I’m not hungry
    -Emotional Eating
    I still have stuff to work on even though I’m at my goal weight, but I’m working on it slowly, just like I worked on all these changes I’ve made over the years.
    Have a great day Monica!

  7. xlucyintheskywithdiamondsx says

    Sometimes my mum says that to me and it gets to me! She also says I do “too much exercise”. That annoys me too! I’m roughly the same as you at 5 8″ and 154lbs. I too have been thinner and I want to get back there. Keep on going you can do it!

    What’s easy for me?

    * Eating a “healthy” cereal in the morning
    * Eating fruit and veggies
    * Drinking my water
    * Exercising every day

    What’s hard for me?

    *loving myself
    * not comparing myself to others
    * not feeling down about my body
    * stopping eating when i’m full
    * exercising in the morning
    * not eating late at night
    * drinking alcohol – I find it difficult to stick to the limits
    * not eating after a night out! – always get the munchies
    * clothes shopping – I feel down when i’m not the size I want to be!

  8. says

    Mom’s always do that, mine was the first one to point out my weight gain in college. “Wow Jessie, quite a spare tire you’ve grown there…” Thanks mom….

    Easy for me:
    Eating healthy foods, I crave fruit like it’s going out of style and nut butter is a splurge for me.
    Stopping when I’m full.
    Drinking only water/unsweetened tea all day instead of caloric drinks.
    Balancing an “off” day with an “on” day.

    Difficult for me:
    Structuring my meals/snacks.
    Alternating proteins and carbs from meal to meal. I always want carbs…
    Eating salads…I don’t know what my problem is.
    Saying no to a drink out on the weekends.

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