Matt meets the monster

 Matt meets the monsterI made Matt a Green Monster for breakfast this morning. He liked it, but didn’t finish it, so I don’t know if he was just being nice or the green color weirded him out.







After a 5 miler with hillsI wanted a smoothie and PB toast for breakfast too! I used a scoop of  Amazing Grass, blueberries, frozen naner and almond milk. Plus PB&PB on Ezekiel bread.foodies 1976 Matt meets the monster

 Matt meets the monsterThen, my other brother wanted me to make him eggs so I made him fancy style with spinach, green chili, peas and potatoes. I had a bite icon smile Matt meets the monster


Now I must start another crazy day!!!


Vacation Time: I am so ready for my vacation! I have to work today and tomorrow then I have next week off icon smile Matt meets the monster I’m flying out to NJ Monday morning  and I’ll be there till Tuesday. Then, I’ll be in MD and FL for the rest of the week. So I have to make sure all the major wedding things are done before I leave. It’s a long list.

I have to come back and work for a week and then finally… I’ll be off for the wedding!!!


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    you’re SUCH an awesome sister!! :) haha I’m sure matt will warm to the green smoothie. hehehe

    Yay for vacations! I visited my bf’s sister in Hoboken NJ and I loved it!!!!

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