Burning a hole

Marathon training - today called for an easy 4 miles. I feel like I should do some yoga when I get back from short runs like this, but I didn't have time today :( Like I said last night - I have a lot of spinach to use up before it goes back, so a Chocolate Green Smoothie was in order! I used a handful of spinach, frozen naner, frozen blueberries, half scoop chocolate protein … [Read more...]

Porno Comment

Who is trying to add porno spam to my blog? Ha, I saw a comment was flagged today and thought it was something bad, but I laughed when I realized it was just that. Today was eventful because I had to tell my boss of many years that I'm leaving.  My current position has worked with me through me attending college full time - they let me change my schedule each semester. And … [Read more...]

Normal for a few days

Since my life is about to be turned upside down AGAIN in 2 weeks I am happy to have a "normal" schedule for the next few days. Today I woke up, did an easy 5.5 miles and ate breakfast :) I made a big yogurt bowl with cereals...this is a re-enactment since I don't know where my converter is... I need to show you guys a pic of the package of my bread - it's the best. I had … [Read more...]

Run, Eat, Report

Here is the big announcement... I'm moving to Maryland for a reporting job! Yes folks - Run,Eat Repeat is a Reporter by trade :) I've been just doing it on the side most recently, but I realized I need to fully commit to my goals and go for it. So, after a lot of stressful planning (while planning a wedding!) Ben and I are moving to MD in less than 2 weeks! This move … [Read more...]

Wedding Sleeves

Ben loves to tell the joke, Q: "Where did the General keep his armies?" A: "In his sleevies" Well, I forgot my "sleevies" on the wedding day! For those who are new readers, I had my dress custom made at a local dress shop.  After trying on a lot of dresses I didn't find one that was, "The One". So, I decided to have someone make exactly what I wanted. I took them pics of 3 … [Read more...]


Since we had to post-pone the honeymoon until September Ben surprised me with a night in Big Sur.  It's a 2 hour drive up the coast from Paso Robles :) It's an amazing part of Central California right on the coast where the mountains meet the beach.            We actually visited here on one of the first of our numerous road trips and on the … [Read more...]

Here's the plan…

I've decided to use the Runner's World Marathon Challenge training plan for the Marine Corps. I haven't had any time to read Run Less and really want to do that program right if I'm gonna give it a shot. Today is Day 1 of training and it called for an Easy 4. After I was done I had a naner with PB - I have realized that if I don't have healthy fats with breakfast I am more … [Read more...]

Wedding Menu

I did not get many pictures on my camera at the wedding, but I did manage to capture my food! It's almost sad that I took pics of my food at the wedding, kind of like I was "working" since the b.l.o.g is my part time gig, but it did not take away from all the fun :) I missed the wine and hors d'oeuvres hour since we were taking pictures, so I don't have pics of that. But, I … [Read more...]

Back in Action

Hello!!!! I am back from my Wedding Extravaganza :) We are postponing the honeymoon until September & I can't wait! I wish we were there now since coming home so soon was anti-climactic... The Wedding Weekend was absolutely crazy and I am putting together a full recap for you. Stay Tuned!!! I am not working this week because I have to get my stuff ready to move. I … [Read more...]

Paso or Bust!

  We are on our way to Paso Robles right now! It's a major caravan and I"m driving up with my mom and Matt and a car PACKED with wedding stuff. I'm worried that I forgot something, but at this point I have to just go with the flow and enjoy my wedding weekend :) Before I forget...just want to note that I've been eating way too much ice cream this week. I need to get back … [Read more...]


Busy, doesn't even begin to describe it. I have been non-stop since this weekend which is why I'm a bag blogger. I'm sorry! I feel sorry for me too, because I really enjoy the b.l.o.g. My stress and busy-ness has taken a toll on my eating. So, I haven't wanted to post my eats because they are a bad example of how to deal with life's crazy times. On orders of the RD I am … [Read more...]

Wedding Makeover

In about 5 days I am going to marry this lumberjack looking guy... But, before we say our "I dos" I suggested he clean it up a bit. This was his first time ever getting a professional hair cut! He had always had his mom do it or just buzzed it himself! I think he was nervous when he got in the chair :) Then, he looked like this...but, the makeover was not complete! Oh, and … [Read more...]

Fancy OC

Let's get one thing straight - I'm not from the OC.  I'm from Pico, and that makes me chill as shit. But, Ben lives in the OC, which means sometimes I kinda do too :) He recently moved to a new place and this morning was my first run around this new area of the OC. I found an awesome trail that goes out 6.7something miles. It goes through a sort of wilderness area & it's … [Read more...]

Hopeful Honeymoon

Because of some stuff going on right now Ben and I may have to postpone the honeymoon to September :( I am so bummed because we have put off taking a vacation this year for this trip! Boo. I'm hoping it will work out and we'll be able to go to Belize like we originally planned. I don't want to say "pray for us" because this isn't that important in the grand scheme, but maybe … [Read more...]

Almost there!

Ben and I got our marriage license today on our lunch. We had to meet at the Registrar's office because we are coming from 2 different directions. Before I left I ate cherries. I still can't decide if my favorite fruit is watermelon or cherries!         I also had to pack lunches for Ben and I to eat since we were getting the license during our lunch. I ate half a piece … [Read more...]

How ya feeling?

I'm not feeling so great because I've been eating a ton of crap - processed foods, too much sugar, too many empty carbs... Since losing weight is sort of on the back burner right now (orders of the RD) my priority is feeling good. Well, too many processed, empty calories are making me feel bad. I'm switching my focus to whole foods! I have decided on my next race - The Marine … [Read more...]