Found it!

We kept hearing about the fabulous walking paths all around Columbia, but could not find them yesterday. Finally this morning I found a small path and ran around for bit. I'm slowly getting caught up on sleep, but time changes are hard for me! We stayed at an Extended Stay place last night so I was able to make oatmeal in the microwave! I was craving oats really bad yesterday … [Read more...]

Hand over the veggies!

The only bad thing about traveling is the lack of access to fresh produce! I love traveling, but I hate that you have to eat out the whole time. I try to plan ahead, so I don't just live off crap, but sometimes you can't avoid it! This morning I ran 4 miles. My legs are still tired so I cut it early and went back to the room to do 20 minutes of yoga :) Yogadownloads is … [Read more...]