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I did not get many pictures on my camera at the wedding, but I did manage to capture my food! It’s almost sad that I took pics of my food at the wedding, kind of like I was “working” since the b.l.o.g is my part time gig, but it did not take away from all the fun icon smile Wedding Menu dscn0881 Wedding Menu

I missed the wine and hors d’oeuvres hour since we were taking pictures, so I don’t have pics of that.

But, I did start the evening with a glass of white sangria. Since we had the wedding at a winery they only allowed their wine and beer – no hard liquor. That was the only negative about getting married at a winery, but we worked around it by having one of my bridesmaids use the Castle’s wine and make red and white sangria! Everyone loved it!dscn0885 Wedding Menu

After the appetizers on the upstairs terrace everyone came down to the reception dining room for salad. It was mixed greens with perfectly ripe fruits.dscn08842 Wedding Menu

I chose the salmon with polenta and asparagus. I love salmon. I love polenta. My wedding = I get what I love icon smile Wedding Menu I did manage to actually eat and that was the only time I sat down for 5 minutes all night!dscn0899 Wedding Menu

The evening went by way too fast and I woke up the next morning really sad that it was over icon sad Wedding Menu

I was almost an hour late because my hair took a lot long than expected! Since it was an out of town wedding I didn’t get a chance to do a test run for my hair and the stylist didn’t realize how long it was going to take. It made me super late and I was very stressed out frantically trying to get ready.

And them moment I had been talking about for weeks – CAKE! I was really looking forward to cutting the cake – and by cutting I mean eating icon smile Wedding Menu Do you see how someone messed up my cake before we even cut it? Boo. But, the photographer did get pics before that happened…dscn0909 Wedding Menu

I just had 2 bites as we exchanged cake, but they packed up one piece of each flavor for us to take home icon smile Wedding Menu Yes! It was chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, white cake with strawberries and cream and white cake with chocolate cream. They were all delicious!dscn0914 Wedding Menudscn0928 Wedding Menu

But…they cut my anniversary cake! I specifically ordered the top layer to keep as an anniversary cake and at the end of the night the on site planner said they didn’t realize I wanted an anniversary cake and cut it and served it. I am pretty upset about it since I kept joking that the only reason I was getting married was for guaranteed cake in a year. I don’t know if they are willing to send me another cake, but I’m going to ask…

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    You look amazing! The food all looks delicious but major bummer on the cake, I guess if they aren’t willing to make another layer you could order the same cake from a local bakery on your 1st anniversary. Just a small one to feed two…just a thought. :)

  2. says

    ohhhh you look beautiful!!!! the food all looks YUMMY!

    definitely see if you can get another cake!! a lot of people just reorder one on their year anniversary now but there is something about having it in your freezer for a year that is so fun :) we did it!

  3. says

    CONGRATULATIONS! You look so pretty. Love how you still took pics at your own wedding…food looks great. Wish you guys many years of Joy!

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