Since we had to post-pone the honeymoon until September Ben surprised me with a night in Big Sur.  It’s a 2 hour drive up the coast from Paso Robles :)

DSCN1012It’s an amazing part of Central California right on the coast where the mountains meet the beach. 






We actually visited here on one of the first of our numerous road trips and on the way back hit up Paso Robles for the first time. Who would have thought those two crazy kids would end up hitched 2 years later?!DSCN0970DSCN0973 

We stayed at the Big Sur Lodge. If you’re not tent camping most places around here are pretty pricey – the crowds seem to have money.  (We didn’t have our tent stuff and Ben didn’t want this one night Mini-Moon to be tent style or we would have tented it.) DSCN0990 DSCN0966

The Big Sur Lodge has a lot of different sizes of rooms, some with kitchens, all with patios or porches. But, no TV – which is good if you’re on a honeymoon and have other activities to keep you busy ;), but not good if you’re been driving here for 5 plus hours and want to catch up on news or sitcoms.

The road from Paso Robles to Big Sur is breathtaking, winding around cliffs right on the ocean. We stopped for a second to change drivers, but never got a good pic of the ocean…DSCN0969

DSCN0984After we checked in we went for a “Honeymoon Hike” – I made that phrase up on our hike and wouldn’t stop saying it for the rest of the weekend :)








It was Sunday night, the night after our wedding and that meant time to break into our cake! The winery kindly packed me up a piece of each flavor and you know I ate them! Oh, since we’re married now I gave Ben a few tastes too…DSCN0997

It’s not very photogenic, but it tasted delicious.DSCN0998

On the way home we stopped at the Big Sur Bakery, known for their delicious pastries. But, they don’t stop there – they made homemade granola! I had to have some. I guess I was in Mini-Moon mode because I didn’t ask how much it was and between Ben’s piece of quiche and the granola it cost over $17.00! DSCN1027DSCN1025

We stopped by an outdoors artist gallery. DSCN1022 They have huge nests – for people! Ben climbed right in…DSCN1024

and I came tumbling after.DSCN1018DSCN1019

This is the view from the nest, not bad…


On the way home we stopped at one of the usual tourist rest stops and I got what I was really craving – Tuna :) 



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