Run, Eat, Report

Here is the big announcement... I'm moving to Maryland for a reporting job! Yes folks - Run,Eat Repeat is a Reporter by trade :) I've been just doing it on the side most recently, but I realized I need to fully commit to my goals and go for it. So, after a lot of stressful planning (while planning a wedding!) Ben and I are moving to MD in less than 2 weeks! This move … [Read more...]

Wedding Sleeves

Ben loves to tell the joke, Q: "Where did the General keep his armies?" A: "In his sleevies" Well, I forgot my "sleevies" on the wedding day! For those who are new readers, I had my dress custom made at a local dress shop.  After trying on a lot of dresses I didn't find one that was, "The One". So, I decided to have someone make exactly what I wanted. I took them pics of 3 … [Read more...]