Run, Eat, Report

Here is the big announcement…

I’m moving to Maryland for a reporting job!

Yes folks – Run,Eat Repeat is a Reporter by trade :) I’ve been just doing it on the side most recently, but I realized I need to fully commit to my goals and go for it.

So, after a lot of stressful planning (while planning a wedding!) Ben and I are moving to MD in less than 2 weeks!

This move means a lot of things…

– I’m finally going to be working as a full time reporter

– I’m taking a 50% pay cut

– I’m moving very far from my mom and little brother :(

– I’m living the dream

I am very scared and excited for this huge life change, but I really believe I’ll be better for it.

I am a California girl through and through, so I’m scared of the cold weather and lack of “hippie” stores, but I am going to make it work.

Really, those are the only negatives of it. This is a huge opportunity for me to become a better reporter and further my career. I am so grateful to be able to do this! It’s going to be great!

I will keep ya posted on my work there so you can check out my stuff.

Remember in the beginning of June when I traveled to MD for a couple of days? Well, that was to scout out places to live. It’s nice to finally be able to spill the beans :)

On the 10th we will be packing up all our belongings and driving across the U.S. from CA to MD. Crazy. We are in the early stages of planning the trip. I will update the blog when we know exactly where we’ll be stopping on the way!


  1. says

    UM, SCUSE ME, Miss Reporter-Career-Lady! Oh, wait…that’s MRS. Reporter-Career-Lady now! Congratulations on such an exciting change! It’s very brave of you to move across the country!

    The good news is that you happen to have quite a few Maryland-ers who are reading your blog, and I suspect that if you were staying in Columbia while you were here scoping out places to live, then you will be living between 5-10 minutes from me. =) I mean…not that I’m adopting you as my friend already or anything (lol), but just know that if you need anything, I’m always willing to help. I moved here from NY 12 years ago, so I know how hard it can be transitioning to a new area. , lemme know if you need anything! =) And, congrats again!

  2. says

    Oh, and there’s a hippie store down the street from my house. I walk there at least once a week. =) It’s like 4 stores down from the dress show that I walk by and drool over wedding dresses. lol. It’s mostly tie-dye and incense though. Not necessarily the hippie items that I would purchase (granola, etc…). But, there are plenty of places that sell granola and tree-hugger friendly things.

  3. Gina says

    Yay for Maryland! I live in PA, but work in Baltimore. Wow, good luck with moving and finding a house, and congrats! If you want to run a marathon or half marathon to ease the stress, October 10 is the Baltimore Running Festival, I’ll be running the Half :-)
    Congrats again!!

  4. Christy says

    Congratulations! That is truly inspiring to see someone go after their dreams despite it being scary. Good luck!

  5. aden says

    OMG , thats the exact same scenario that happened to me i moved from CA to MD granted i was 10 , but i still remember the first time i saw snow and had to wear a big jacket . i know you’ll love maryland i did!

  6. Melissa says

    Congrats!! I live in DC/ go to college in MA. I don’t know what part of MD you are moving too but if its near DC I would LOVE to meet you Ms.Reporter Runner!

  7. Cati says

    Congrats on the move! I too just moved from So Cal to the east coast a few months ago! Don’t worry you can always move back, at least you have to try!

    My boyfriend and I, and our 2 dogs made the cross country drive out here….it was the best experience! Congrats again and enjoy it!

  8. says

    congratulations! way to live the dream. I am moving from northern va to philly on thursday and i can’t even imagine moving across country! thats awesome that you get to love what you do for a living. not many people can say that.

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