Wedding Sleeves

Ben loves to tell the joke,

Q: “Where did the General keep his armies?”

A: “In his sleevies”

Well, I forgot my “sleevies” on the wedding day! For those who are new readers, I had my dress custom made at a local dress shop.  After trying on a lot of dresses I didn’t find one that was, “The One”. So, I decided to have someone make exactly what I wanted.

I took them pics of 3 dresses that I liked and explained how I wanted it to come all together. I also added removable sleeves. I specifically DID NOT want a strapless wedding dress because I think most girls get strapless dresses. I wanted an off the shoulder “sleeve” reminiscent of Gone with the Wind icon smile Wedding Sleevesdscn11081 Wedding Sleeves

Well, they made me the sleeves and in the mad rush out the door (did I mention I was an hour late to my own wedding?) I forgot them! I was so upset icon sad Wedding Sleeves I couldn’t get over how dumb I was to forget part of my dress. I woke up the next morning very regretful that I was so late and that I forgot something that was important to me…dscn1115 Wedding Sleeves

But, my grandma was unable to attend the out of town wedding due to health reasons and I promised her I would come model the dress for her and her friends on Saturday. This means I got to take pics with my sleeves icon smile Wedding Sleeves dscn1116 Wedding Sleevesdscn1117 Wedding Sleeves

dscn1133 Wedding Sleeves

Also, since I was so late to the wedding I didn’t get any good solo shots of me! The photographer spent a ton of time  taking pics of Ben, the groomsmen and my bridesmaids – but, none of me. It wouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but by the time the ceremony was over we were losing sunlight fast and I was pretty upset about being so rushed.  It made me feel alot better that I have these memories now because I really felt like I missed out on a lot of pictures. By the time we were taking pictures after the wedding I was so flustered I probably have a super stressed face too!dscn1151 Wedding Sleeves

This is what it looked like sans sleeves…024 24 Wedding SleevesAnd with sleeves…dscn1127 Wedding Sleeves

The photographer just emailed me that she has the proofs up on her site! I’m gonna check them out tomorrow and fill you guys in. Also, tomorrow I have a BIG announcement – finally! And I will be back to regularly scheduled food/running blogging from here forward icon smile Wedding Sleeves I will also have the full wedding weekend recap in between boring regular posts.

I apologize for being so sporadic with posting this week, before the wedding I made no attempt to pack up my stuff to move in with Ben! Ha.


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    Your dress looks beautiful both ways, and I love how versatile it was. So sweet that you could get all dolled up again for a fun photoshoot :)

    Have a great week!

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