Burning a hole

Marathon training - today called for an easy 4 miles. I feel like I should do some yoga when I get back from short runs like this, but I didn't have time today :( Like I said last night - I have a lot of spinach to use up before it goes back, so a Chocolate Green Smoothie was in order! I used a handful of spinach, frozen naner, frozen blueberries, half scoop chocolate protein … [Read more...]

Porno Comment

Who is trying to add porno spam to my blog? Ha, I saw a comment was flagged today and thought it was something bad, but I laughed when I realized it was just that. Today was eventful because I had to tell my boss of many years that I'm leaving.  My current position has worked with me through me attending college full time - they let me change my schedule each semester. And … [Read more...]

Normal for a few days

Since my life is about to be turned upside down AGAIN in 2 weeks I am happy to have a "normal" schedule for the next few days. Today I woke up, did an easy 5.5 miles and ate breakfast :) I made a big yogurt bowl with cereals...this is a re-enactment since I don't know where my converter is... I need to show you guys a pic of the package of my bread - it's the best. I had … [Read more...]