Normal for a few days

Since my life is about to be turned upside down AGAIN in 2 weeks I am happy to have a “normal” schedule for the next few days. Today I woke up, did an easy 5.5 miles and ate breakfast :)

I made a big yogurt bowl with cereals…this is a re-enactment since I don’t know where my converter is…Foodies 1687

I need to show you guys a pic of the package of my bread – it’s the best. I had PB&J for lunch, plus a ton of cherries :) This is an end piece with goodies…Foodies 008

I have a lot of work to wrap up before my last day next Wed! See ya later…


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    That end piece of bread look EXACTLY like the absolute best bread I have found on the face of the earth. No joke, I am obsessed with this stuff.

    Your bread isn’t Alpine Valley flaxseed bread by any chance, is it? That stuff is amazing!!!

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    OOh, I found some bread like that at the Amish market, and it was called “Exseedingly Good Bread”. I loved the name. =) I really was good though.

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