Pick Your Poison

I've decided that if my worst vices are diet soda and frozen yogurt I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I always feel this extreme guilt while drinking Diet Coke (maybe Catholic guilt?). Boo to guilt. *Let's note that I do eat frozen yogurt guilt free :) Ha. Anyways, one soda a day isn't going to kill me and even if it does then at least I died happy. Question: What's your … [Read more...]

I'm going to Disney World!!!

Yes folks, I am going to Disney World! Actually, I am running the Disney World Marathon! I really really have always wanted to run Disney World for a lot of reasons and I keep hearing about it buzzing around the blogs. I knew I couldn't let this year pass me by! So, on a whim I went for it and signed up. (I had mentioned it to Ben, but we never actually discussed it, which is … [Read more...]

Don't tell Ben

I have an exciting announcement!!!! I am dying to tell ya, but I kinda should tell Ben first - No, it's not what you think - it's better :) Hint: I kinda acted on a whim, but life is short. Oh, and if you are looking for a race... Summer Pricing for the Surf City Marathon/Half-Marathon ends tomorrow at midnight It's February 7, 2010 in Huntington Beach, CA I'm not running it, … [Read more...]

West meets East

Good Morning friends :) Ben (who is on CA time) called me last night and I didn't end up going to sleep until after 11pm! I know that's not late for some of you, but I am an "eight hour a night" girl all the way! So I am once again dragging this morning. Today is a Rest Day - this means I should do some cross training or something active instead of running. I always say this, … [Read more...]

Early, early dinner

I went home on my lunch to check on dinner. I was making Spanish Rice in the crockpot for the first time and wanted to make sure that I put enough water in it so it didn't burn. When I checked on it 3 hours later - it was already done! I could have had dinner at noon :) I put brown rice, diced tomatoes, water, garlic and spices and some frozen veggies in the crockpot this … [Read more...]

Sleep running

Instead of sleep walking I was "Sleep Running" this morning. So. Tired. I have been wanting oatmeal, but kinda picked the wrong day to make it since I am super hot now. It's finally getting hot here and it was super humid this morning. It might be overnight oats (which I just kinda like) or cold cereal for the rest of the summer!!! Yes, I topped my oatmeal with HoneyComb - it … [Read more...]

Recipe: Peanut Sauce

I used this recipe as inspiration, but really ended up throwing things into the pan to taste... Peanut Sauce 1/4c peanut butter 1/4c water (can use broth if you like) 1 T. Chili Garlic sauce 1 T. soy sauce 1 T. lemon juice 1 T. Sugar (or honey, agave - I only had sugar) Dash lemon juice Dash red chili flakes Directions: Combine all ingredients in sauce pan on low heat. Heat … [Read more...]

Lick the pan

I made a great peanut sauce today and basically licked the pan clean. Note to self: Make sure the pan is no longer hot before you lick it! Dinner was ww Noodles and broccoli in this delicious sauce. I ended up topping it  with a bunch of Sriracha. My mouth was burning, but it was AMAZING!!! *I actually used the leftover broccoli to clean the pan :) The quick and easy peanut … [Read more...]

Knotty by nature

I don't know if it's the humidity or what but my hair has been getting ridiculously knotted on my runs :( This Saturday it was REALLY BAD and I ripped a bunch of my hair while trying to get the knots out. I  was so frustrated! I braid my hair in a pony tail to prevent knots, but that isn't even helping. Any suggestions? Mary Training: I had another great run today! 6 miles, … [Read more...]

Buy stock in chickpeas

Here is my stock tip for you today: Buy stock in garbanzos beans. I just realized that they amazing straight up for a snack. I was eating them out of a tupperware yesterday and thought I would bring them to work today as a snackie. Best decision I made today. Do it. I sprinkled some season salt stuff on them and that's it. Perfect. Okay, wait let's backup. My glamourous packed … [Read more...]

Four Fast

Finally I had a good run! It's been a long time since I've had a good run and I've been getting very discouraged. I only did 4 miles today, but they were speedy (for me) and I felt good :) I had a bowl of Kashi GL Crunch and Flax Plus topped with raisins and almond milk. From past experience I know I do best with nut butter (healthy fats) with breakfast, but I wasn't feeling … [Read more...]

Gathering sticks

I feel guilty that I sometimes think I need certain material things. I think it's ridiculous that Target has so much crap and we are almost trained to want this stuff! That being said, I went to Target today to get some stuff for the apartment. As I was driving home (feeling guilty) I realized in my own little way I was gathering sticks for my nest. Our apartment is in a tragic … [Read more...]

Leave it to IHOP

Sorry I didn't post last night...we got home at 1:30am and didn't get to bed until after 2! Then, we had to wake up early to unload the truck and get it back to the rental place. Oh, and the trip all the way to NJ was kind of a bust because the fam had recently had a yard sale and sold most of their stuff they needed to  get rid of. Boo. On the way to NJ I ate my packed lunch … [Read more...]

Where am I?

I love exploring new areas on foot, but it does get kinda frustrating during a long run when I hit a dead-end in the path and have to turn around and find another route - over and over! I am happy to report that it is pretty cool for July (maybe it's always like this in July and I'm used to CA?) and it made for a pleasant run :) 12 miles, slow and steady. *Oh, and I saw a … [Read more...]

A new runner?

I needed to go to a running store for fuel belt replacement water bottles and ended up at Roadrunner. Anytime I go into a running shoe store I check out any clearance items they have in case they are selling something cheap in my shoe/size. Luckily (?) I have massive feet and often score!!! I got this pair of Supernovas for $60.00 - Nice! I also got my water bottles. The ones … [Read more...]

Start you watch

Apparently pressing "Start" is a little too much for me to remember and I was half way through my run before I realized I never started my Garmin. Oh well, I was there, I know it happened :) I am having trouble uploading pics, so I thought I would treat you to bore you with a pic of the people and animals I miss most from CA... and of course...I need an new phone and although … [Read more...]