Hill Day & Food Budget

Marathon Training - 6 miles with hills The Runner's World Training Program describes Hill Days like this: Run the mileage for the day on the hilliest course you can find. This will build a base of strength in the first seven weeks. The path nearby my new place has a gradual incline the whole way out, so I basically did 3 miles slightly up hill out and slight downhill on the … [Read more...]

Hot vs. Cold

If you know me at all then you could have predicted that I would choose the Whole Foods salad bar for lunch! It's my favorite restaurant after all :) I couldn't decide between the hot food or cold food so I got a small container of each. In the hot container - 2 raviolis, fried vegetable rice (with brown rice) and sweet and sour tempeh. The tempeh wasn't good, I guess I'm not a … [Read more...]