Hill Day & Food Budget

Marathon Training – 6 miles with hills

The Runner’s World Training Program describes Hill Days like this:

Run the mileage for the day on the hilliest course you can find. This will build a base of strength in the first seven weeks.

The path nearby my new place has a gradual incline the whole way out, so I basically did 3 miles slightly up hill out and slight downhill on the way back.

Food Budget – The move and my new job mean a different financial situation for Ben and I.  We now need to stick to a budget. This is the first time that I’ve ever had to stick to a specific food budget. So, I have decided I need to start planning my meals for a few reasons:

– It will help save money, I’m planning on making a shopping list each week – Last minute trips to the store really add up!

– It will ensure no wasted food if I meal plan around what we need to use

– It will help stop random snacking in the kitchen while I figure out what to eat

– I’m buying food for two now

This  is a really good way to be aware of what we’re eating and the costs of our staple foods in order to make smarter decisions. Ben and I just moved in together last week. I am not used to buying food for two people. His eating habits are pretty different from mine so I have a lot to learn in food budgeting. I’ll keep you posted on this progress since it seems times are tight for so many right now :)

Last night I decided I haven’t had oats in a while so that was the plan for today…but I put too much almond milk in so they were very watery. I had to add Banana Cheerios and raisins to soak up the water!DSCN1226

It’s a short week! We are almost to “Friday”!


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    Hi!! I’d heard you were the original ‘run, eat, repeat’ on a couple other blogs (i’m fairly new and am still trying to come up with another title! agh!) and started browsing…you’ve got a lot of fun stuff going on! I’m running Marine Corps this year as well! Can’t wait to read more about your fun food and training adventures :)

    I started planning meals a few months ago and I’ve noticed that we spend a lot less at the grocery store. Plus we keep the week’s menu on the fridge…so there’s no more asking ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’ 😉

    Congrats on the new job and getting married! Good luck with the move!

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    the husband and i plan meals on a weekly basis, and have gotten into a “2 week rotation”. it does save us money, but now i feel like we are in a food rut!

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    Meal and menu planning is so key for me – I just need to keep my husband away from Sam’s Club!

    My weekly budget is $125 for my family of three – I am pretty good about sticking to it!

    Good luck!

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