Hot vs. Cold

If you know me at all then you could have predicted that I would choose the Whole Foods salad bar for lunch! It’s my favorite restaurant after all :)

I couldn’t decide between the hot food or cold food so I got a small container of each. In the hot container – 2 raviolis, fried vegetable rice (with brown rice) and sweet and sour tempeh. The tempeh wasn’t good, I guess I’m not a sweet and sour girl.DSCN1199

In the cold container –  my usual = veggies on the bottom and small scoops of salads on top :) At the end I added a little bit of Vegetarian Pad Thai & it ended up covered my masterpiece.DSCN1201

My peep brought by some Pirate’s Booty that I couldn’t turn down…DSCN1203

My afternoon snacks were an apple and yogurt.DSCN1204

The yogurt was actually one of those new Better Whey yogurts. I was sent some coupons to review it for the blog a while back, but wedding stuff made me push that back! I’ll give a full review after I try another flavor or two…DSCN1205

I also had a small cup of cereal with almond milk – I just really wanted something sweet, but I wasn’t hungry.

DSCN1213This is my favorite WF salad bar item = Israeli Couscous with eggplant and stuff…I added the garbanzos for protein :)

DSCN1209I bought it from the deli section because it lists the ingredients. I am so going to recreate this at home now!!!!

I had a few bites while making dinner.

Dinner was pita pizzasDSCN1217

We have to eat outside since we still don’t have a dining room table (and aren’t getting one until after the move).DSCN1216

DSCN1221Dessert! I have been craving a good chocolate cookie for the longest time so I finally broke down and bought some ready made dough at TJ’s. Excellent!

I may or may not have had a few bites of the dough too…

Tomorrow is another crazy day in the life of R.E.R. I’ve got to start packing for a little drive across the U.S.

Intuitive Eating – It’s been a while since I’ve talked about I.E. mostly because it has been very hard for me to follow I.E. when I’ve been so busy/stressed. The R.D. basically said I should focus on treating myself well and worry about my eating when everything calms down. I have been listening to the Intuitive Eating CDs and I love them.

I also got a notebook that I’m starting to write in. I was really against tracking until now because it’s something I was obsessed with when I had disordered eating – I wrote down everything I ate – binge or restrictive days alike. I found a lot of these notebooks last week as I was moving out of my mom’s to Ben’s. It’s really sad how messed up my outlook was. I guess I should just be happy I’m on the right track even if I’m going super slow…

This notebook is going to track my runs – for training purposes & track my eats – for training/health purposes. I’m not going to judge myself, I’m just trying to use it to observe my habits. I.E. is super big on not judging yourself, just observing. It’s helpful.


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    Congrats on getting back into IE! It’s such a process so appreciate the progress you make every single day. One meal, or one hour of intuitive eating is a success. Think of it like a life-long bank. For every hour of listening to yourself, you bank that so even if you have a tough meal, or a tough day, you’ve already got tons in the bank and there’s no reason to beat yourself up about it!

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