No Pool for me

It has to be super hot in CA for me to get in the pool since it’s not heated. I love swimming, but I don’t find freezing and being covered in goose bumps to be a pleasant experience. This is the main reason I want to move to Florida – warm water!!! My theory is that kids don’t feel the cold water because they’re too excited about swimming to realize it. So, Matt and Ben swam away (yep, apparently Ben is just a big kid).dscn1335 No Pool for me


This is my Roxy girl that I’m going to have to leave in Cali with my mom icon sad No Pool for me Ben and I decided we will not get any pets in MD since it would be too crazy given everything else. I am very reluctantly leaving her, but she has a great big yard and her BFF (Bailey).dscn1356 No Pool for me

I did way too much snacking as I made my Fourth of July contribution (Spinach Salad). I ate Pirate’s Booty and too much potato salad (made with regular mayo courtesy of my Nina who refuses to try anything “light”). No Pool for me

 No Pool for me







I wasn’t even hungry by the time everything was ready, but I still dug in…that resulted in an overly stuffed feeling icon sad No Pool for me

dscn1345 No Pool for me

But, never to stuffed for dessert! It was a Deep Chocolate Vitatop and mint chocolate chip ice cream – this combo is genious!!!dscn1372 No Pool for me










In other amazing news I found this new Almond Butter at Trader Joes – Cream WITH SEA SALT! I have always thought the one negative of AB versus PB is it doesn’t have salt so it seems like something is missing. dscn1326 No Pool for me

 You only need 2 things to make this happiness…I should try to make it myself. Hmmmdscn1327 No Pool for me


  1. says

    Ooh, cold pools are no fun. I try to go in anyway, and it takes me forever to get up the courage to get all the way in! Haha.

    So sorry you have to leave Roxy! She’s adorable. I’m sure your mom will take great care of her, though.

    The vitatop and ice cream combo looks fabulous! Yum :D

  2. says

    Haha, I don’t mind cold pools at all either! I guess living near the North Sea has made anything else seem warm! Aww so sad you have to leave your dog…but good to know she’ll be happy!

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