Contest: Are you a hungry girl?

I just found this book in my desk and unfortunately, it can’t make the move with me :( I am donating most of my books to the library, but there are a few I knew specific people would enjoy. This one is up for grabs here:DSCN9726

Hungry Girl – Recipes and Survival Strategies for Guilt Free Eating

I actually bought this book on my lunch one day and never even took it home – it’s never been used!

Who wants it? Leave a comment for 1 entry and link back for 2 entries. (Let me know you linked back.) Good luck!!!

Contest ends Wednesday (July 8th)  at noon Pacific time.

PS – This contest is open to “Hungry Guys” are well :)


  1. says

    anything, something to help me with my eating. I had an amazing grass sample today, the greenfood and i actually didn’t mind the taste

  2. says

    That is sad about your Amazing Grass cup. :(

    That book looks great! And helpful, for people who can’t cook, like me, lol.

  3. Courtney F says

    I am sorry about your cup. Could you not get them to send a new one?? I have been looking to buy this book for a while. I get the daily Hungry girl emails.

  4. says

    I would love this book! Thanks so much. I also like the Deceptively Delicious book! The kids don’t even know those veggies are in there!

  5. Evan Thomas says

    I’m a hungry guy who would love to give this cookbook as a present to his hungry mom(since she has just about every other one existing)

  6. says

    I want this, I want this, I want this! I visit her website each day, but I am too cheap-o/poor to buy it…this would be AWESOME!!!

  7. amy says

    i’ve been meaning to delurk for some time now and the book contest is a good time. you have a great sense of humor that comes through on your blog. good luck with your move.
    amy from los angeles

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