RIP Amazing Cup

Today is my last day in the office (I’m finishing up from home tomorrow morning) and I was running super late! I made a smoothie to go with almond butter toast…DSCN9718

CRASH!!! As I attempted to balance my laptop, brownies, purse, backpack and lunch I set my smoothie on the top of the car and…CRASH!!!!DSCN9723

My cup totally broke and spilled my smoothie everywhere! Boo. Boo. Boo.

So, now my last day at the office has an extra sad tone. I am bummed!


  1. redhead75 says

    :( That is sad. I found those cups at our nature store here and they are $8.99. They don’t say amazing grass though. I love my cup! I’m gonna be more careful with it now :)

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