Brownies, not Girl Scouts

Were you a “Brownie” when you were a kid? I was icon smile Brownies, not Girl Scouts But, today I’m talking real brownies – not girl scouts.

Today was my last day in the office and I wanted to bake something as a farewell to my co-workers. I work in a very fun office and have a lot of good friends there. dscn1415 Brownies, not Girl Scouts

I found this mix at the store – on sale! It’s organic and whole wheat, a very relatively healthy dessert from yours truly for my peeps. Oh, and I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil since it’s all we had! Nature’s Path makes a lot of really good organic products and this is another one I ended up really enjoying!

I bought 2 boxes and made a double batch.dscn1428 Brownies, not Girl Scouts

Which I had to sample of course…they came out great, if I do have to say so myself icon smile Brownies, not Girl Scouts dscn1426 Brownies, not Girl Scouts

Here is the nutrition info: 150 calories for a homemade brownie is really good, but  this run down doesn’t include the 3 Tb. of oil the recipe calls for (you only have to add oil and water).dscn1423 Brownies, not Girl ScoutsFor my last day my co-workers through me a “Surprise” farewell party. I knew about it and staged this picture…ha.dscn9745 Brownies, not Girl Scouts

Since most of them were not able to attend the wedding (monetary restraints prevent you from inviting everyone – boo) they showed the slide-show of my wedding pictures. I think most people liked it and weren’t too bored! It actually was very sad, my boss/friend started crying when she hugged me and it was hard for me to keep it together icon sad Brownies, not Girl Scouts I’m not a bigger crier (have you picked up on that yet?), but I absolutely hate good-byes whether it’s me leaving or someone else. Brownies, not Girl Scouts

Oh, and my cubemate Chris kept playing sad videos like this all day – he was determined to make me cry. Well, until he played N’Sync “Bye Bye Bye” and that was just funny. [youtube=]

I went to one last lunch at my favorite vegetarian restaurant in the area…The Spot. It claims to be world famous, I don’t know if that’s true, but it is pretty good. I’ll post a review on it tomorrow since SoCal is a tourist destination and some of you may get the opportunity to sample this place icon smile Brownies, not Girl Scouts dscn9743 Brownies, not Girl ScoutsSee ya manana!!!

P.S. – Don’t forget to enter my HG book contest by noon Pacific time Wed!

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