Cereal, schmeareal

I lalalove cereal, and actually it used to be my go-to binge food. In the process of Intuitive Eating I’ve been giving myself full permission to buy and eat whatever cereal I want including “BAD” cereals – dun dun dunnnnnnnn (say it like I just said something super scary).

Well, I.E. is slowly working (slowly being the key phrase here). I can eat cereal and not a whole box in one sitting. Nice. This is amazing for me and while I did go back for a refill of my bowl, it was only once not 4 times like usual icon smile Cereal, schmeareal dscn9774 Cereal, schmeareal

Since we’re out of naners I had way too many uvas on the side…dscn9776 Cereal, schmeareal


Contest Winner – The winner of the Hungry Girl cookbook is… Maddy!

  She said : “I would love to win this! I subscribe to HG and have been wanting to get one of her books!”

Maddy, email me your address and I’ll send it over icon smile Cereal, schmeareal

Oh, and I’ve decided to shamelessly copy HEAB’s “random comment of the day” and add Ben’s random comment of the day  since he often says things like this:

Me: “I just really want to lose weight…”

Ben: “Do you want to start doing meth? Everyone that does meth gets super skinny and sick…”


  1. Ruth says

    I am a cereal addict myself and currently recovering :)
    I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and be content.
    I found this restaurant called cereal bar and all they serve is cereal with different toppings.


  2. says

    Hey girl! I’m sending you an email now with my address! Thanks!

    And I totally know how you feel with the cereal. I have to portion it out and put the box away or else I’ll go back for more and more! Kashi GoLean Crunch is like crack to me hahah

  3. says

    You go girl (with the cereal!). I know how hard it is – cereal is sooo delicious and gone sooo fast, that I always want to go back for more (and usually do). I too am working on Intuitive Eating…it’s a hard thing to grasp!

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