The Spot

I went to The Spot for lunch yesterday. It’s a natural food restaurant in Hermosa Beach, CA. This place is only a block from the beach so people are riding by on their beach cruisers and walking by in bikinis or board shorts - a very fun environment. dscn97431 The Spot

This is how The Spot is described on the menu:

We are a natural food restaurant — most of our menu is available fat free & non-dairy – we always serve organic whole grains & legumes – we use seasonal organic produce when available – we serve and cook with purified water – our home-made bread and desserts are organic agave sweetened – our fat free soups never contain any oils or dairy products.

I started witha  side salad with the Tahini dressing on the side. It comes with a slice of their home made bread, which I dipped in the dressing. That Tahini stuff is so good, it tastes like an amazing hummus.dscn9733 The Spot

I got the Garden Cornyfor my main meal  - Cornbread smothered in beans, brown rice, salsa, red sauce and garden veggies. This thing was huge and delicious. I love when I have tasty leftovers to take home )dscn9740 The Spotdscn9738 The Spot

Speaking of leftovers…my friend got the Super Burrito – it was massive!!! I tasted it and the veggie burger tucked inside was so flavorful! The veggie burgers here are home made with beans, grains and spices.dscn9736 The Spot

Since I read their desserts were pretty good I got an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip/Raisin cookie to go. It was good, but not great. I like my desserts a little more decadent I guess.dscn9758 The Spot

 Overall, I love this place! It’s a super cute little restaurant with a great menu. The back patio (where we sat)  can get a little stuffy, but outside of that the ambiance is laid back and cool. They post their specials and desserts on that white board: dscn9731 The Spot


  1. Kristin says

    Hey Mon, its Kristin! Something weird was going on with my vm and I just got your message. Sorry! I did respond to your email though…hopefully you got it? (I don’t know when you had access to your email until) Anywho, call/email once you’re east!

    Oh and I loved The Spot! We lived 5 min from there. Super yummy. I heard about a vege/organic restaurant in Columbia, although I haven’t been there. It’s called Great Sage and it’s supposed to be a neat place :)

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