T minus 1 day

So, I’m kinda packing up all my shit stuff and moving across the country tomorrow…which explains my tragic lack of blogging today. In addition to normal packing duties I have to wrap up post-wedding stuff like getting the table cameras developed and getting my dress preserved.

That also kinda explains why I ate 3 (or 4) chocolate chip cookies after dinner last night (and maybe some other junk too). Busted!  I am a “tough love” kinda coach and I really need to get it together. I sad about moving away from my frens and fam and instead of just “being sad” I decided to distract/numb myself. Thank God that I am at least aware of this and can work on it, right? Wait, here’s a better question: Why did I even buy those pre-made cookies? Wasn’t I just setting myself up at this point??dscn9799 T minus 1 day

Today was a Rest Day (which take very seriously) so that meant YOGA! Do you see how happy yoga makes me?  Goal: I am going to do it 2 times a week once we get settled in MD icon smile T minus 1 day

Today’s eats were a smoothie topped with cereal for breakfast… plus extra handfuls of cereal.dscn9801 T minus 1 day

and then Wahoo’s Fish Tacos for lunch with my mom and Matt icon smile T minus 1 day Good Times! T minus 1 day T minus 1 day







Then, we drove around the beach for a bit enjoying the beautiful day. But, a lot of other people had the same idea so we didn’t stop.dscn98151 T minus 1 day

I still have a lot of packing to do, so I will check ya later!

Ben’s Random Comment of the Day:

Me: There is a huge spider over there, can you kill it?
Ben proceeds to just knock down the web

Me: You have to kill it, not just knock down the web!

Ben: I just tore down his house, now he’s lost the will to live. It’s the same thing.

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  1. says

    Ha! “Lost the will to live”. I just suck the whole thing (spider and web) up with the vacuum….

    The smoothie w/cereal sounds pretty good, have you ever blended oats into a smoothie before? It’s really filling.

  2. says

    Awww…I know how you feel, leaving the fam and friends totally sucks! Tomorrow, I leave for NY to go and visit my family (and run a race on Sunday). So, we’re sort of doing the opposite things this weekend.

    I hope you guys a have a safe and FUN cross country trip! Don’t forget to take tons of pictures…this is the type of thing that you’ll want to revisit on your 25th wedding anniversary and reminisce about the time you drove cross-country to move to MD. =)

    I’m going to email you my celly in case you guys need anything at all. Don’t be afraid to use it if you need to!

  3. says

    Ben’s comment just made me laugh out loud! Hilarious!

    The beach and fish tacos sounds like a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

    Hang in there girl. I know the move is stressful and emotional but you are pursuing your dream. Don’t lose sight of that! You can do this!

  4. says

    The fact that you recognized your mistake with the cookies is half the battle. Yoga could be a much better stress solution than eating.

    Good luck with the move!

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