The Roadtrip to end all

Yesterday I set out on the roadtrip to end all roadtrips! I am driving from California to Maryland. Everything I own is in our car. See the odometer? We are going to jack that up real fast... On this journey I have collaborated with Caitlin for  Operation Beautiful. I will be leaving notes all across the US. I really support her project and am very so happy that I can … [Read more...]

R.E.R is moving

I wrote this yesterday while on the road but wasn't able to post because my fancy internet machine is not as fancy as I thought. Boo. Here it is anyways... It was very hard for me to leave my mom’s today  Matt knew I was super sad and he held it together really well. Actually, I held it together too until I went to tell them bye. Boo. But, the good news is my little mom is a … [Read more...]