Operation Marriage

Have you guys been following along as I leave Operation Beautiful notes around the USA? Well, I was hit by the Operation Marriage angel today! When we walked out of the coffee shop after breakfast  we found a card and flowers on the car!!! (Remember how we decorated the car “Just Married”)DSCN0148It was from an anoymous well wisher. The card was signed by “A couple married 46 years” How sweet is that? I was really touched :) I wish I could thank them because it really was the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me. Thank you!DSCN0141

Well, after 10 plus hours of driving yesterday we finally made it to Illinois! We basically just drove through South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin! We only made stops for bathroom breaks and snacks. I was so restless by the end! I hate being cooped up like this.

I packed a cooler full of food for lunches and snacks for this road trip, but dinner has been very indulgent this trip. Since my breakfasts and lunches have been on the healthier side I’m not worrying too much about eating more calories than I should be for dinner. I’m trying to work with what I’ve got and enjoy myself.

I bought 2 side salads from McDonald’s for lunch and stuffed 1 of them in a Flatout wrap with hummus. Then, I topped the other one with hummus instead of dressing. An apple on the side and diet coke rounded out the meal. When I ordered the 2 salads I wanted to tell the worker that I was eating more than this for lunch and I’m not some dysfunctional dieter. Oh well.DSCN0117

Snacks have included bars, fruit, baked chips and a few stolen bites of Ben’s food :)

Ben’s grandparents live just outside of Chicago so we stayed with them last night. His grandma made dinner and even though I don’t usually eat chicken I made an exception due to the circumstances. I normally have no problem either not eating the main dish or bringing something for myself, but we’ve been traveling for a long time now and I’ve been eating a lot of empty carbs so I thought it best to eat it. DSCN0127

I asked her how it was prepared and she explained and then told me that the final step is drizzling a whole stick of butter on top and then baking it.

We also had a delicious dessert – Pecan Peach Crumble topped with ice cream. This was soooo good. I asked her how she made it and she explained and then told me that the final step is drizzling a whole stick of butter on top and then baking it. Yep, you read that right. I probably ate 1/4 a stick of butter last night. It is what it is and I am just going to move on.DSCN0130

I was able to get in 6 miles today! Finally a good run and a good distance :)

The grandparents took us out to breakfast at a super cute place with a ton of pancakes on the menu. I was really tempted to get the waffle, but I decided to be healthy and get oatmeal topped with berries and granola. Well, this “healthy” dish was probably just as many calories as the waffle and didn’t leave me as satisfied since it wasn’t what I really wanted. I am still struggling with Intuitive Eating & feeling physically good too. The waffle may have made me feel like crap (sugar crash and all), but it’s what I really wanted.DSCN0132

I also got a poached egg on the side & my oatmeal came with toast :)DSCN0133

We just got to Indiana and are moving east :)DSCN0145


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    What a sweet card and beautiful flowers!

    Sometimes I get really frustrated when I’m not in control of the food that’s being prepared. Your philosophy about eating it and moving on is the best you can do sometimes.

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