Square meals and nice rack

I love my new set of dishes! They are white square ones and they make me happy :) Now all my meals will be square!DSCN0040

Today Ben and I  explored our little corner of Maryland with my new boss and his wife. But, before the tour they took us out for Indian food. I love Indian food and completely appreciate how they use spices to make meat free meals taste amazing. If I could cook with spices like that I could probably convert Ben to be a vegetarian! Maybe.

It was a buffet and I took a little of everything…DSCN0030

No buffet is complete without dessert. I shared this with Ben. Okay, I’ll be honest and admit that I ate most of it.DSCN0034DSCN0032

DSCN0033Rest Day: No running, but I took a walk to the store for some essentials that I forgot yesterday. It was about 3 miles. I got back super hungry, but only had about an hour before we were going to lunch so I didn’t want to fill up too much. I had a small bowl of cereal.DSCN0026

After our tour of the area I got home hungry and attacked the cherries. As I was refilling this bowl for the 3rd time I realized that maybe the reason I eat so much fruit is because my body wants something more than just fruit. I should have whole grains, protien or fat in my snacks instead of eating $9.00 worth of cherries.DSCN0036

I made half an english muffin with almond butter. I’m planning on packing snacks with staying power for work this week so I don’t come home super hungry too :)DSCN0038

Dinner was a huge salad topped with hummus and a grilled cheese made on the Foreman.DSCN0041

I picked TCBY on the way home. I have never been to this place before and you guys know I lalalove frozen yogurt. It was no Yogurtland, but nothing is right?DSCN0051

Do you like my new rack? I got this Spice Rack with our wedding gift card money and I’m super excited to own one! Is it super lame or fat that I’ve always wanted a spice rack?DSCN0049

Observances while putting spices away:

1. Bay leaves look like fish food

2. I think Parsley is just grass, it smells like grass to me.

NEW JOB: I start my new job tomorrow!!! Wish me luck!

Even though I’ve made it to MD, keeping reading over at Operation Beautiful, Caitlin’s inspiring beautiful work there :)


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