Fork it

Rachel Ray says you should separate english muffins with a fork. And since she is so likeable :) I choose to follow her advice. I made a smoothie and english muffin breakfast. I bought a huge batch of naners from Costco this weekend and didn't realize that even though they are still green (!) they are ripe since I just gave Ben one. But, I missed out :( Marathon Training: My … [Read more...]

Not Fancy Salmon Patty Recipe

I don't like trying to make recipes that include ingredients I have never heard of so all of my own recipes are super easy. Salmon Patties Recipe Ingredients (for 2 patties): can of salmon egg 2 Tbsp whole wheat flour squeeze of mustard S&P, parsley, italian seasoning and garlic to taste (use whatever spices you like!) Directions: Heat a small … [Read more...]