Not Fancy Salmon Patty Recipe

I don’t like trying to make recipes that include ingredients I have never heard of so all of my own recipes are super easy.


Salmon Patties Recipe

Ingredients (for 2 patties):

  • can of salmon
  • egg
  • 2 Tbsp whole wheat flour
  • squeeze of mustard
  • S&P, parsley, italian seasoning and garlic to taste (use whatever spices you like!)


Heat a small frying pan with a little olive oil

Drain salmon and fork it apart into a bowl

Add egg, ww and spices to taste (I like a lot of garlic)

Form 2 patties with the mixture. Use your hands, this will be messy!

Place into frying pan and brown for a few minutes on each side.


>Yesterday I topped it with a yogurt/lemon juice/dill/S&P sauce, but I wasn’t so into that. I think most people would enjoy it though!

See, it’s super easy!

Today I made overnight oats since we bought the Costco container of oats this weekend! I set oats, greek yogurt, a lot of blubes and raisins overnight. This morning I added a dash of sugar (because I used plain yogurt), cereal and granola. It was good, but didn’t make me full for some reason?DSCN0082

I was hungry for lunch by 10:30am, but I made myself wait. I packed AB&J on an english muffin. It was good, but small. I think I need a more substantial sandwich. I felt better when I made them on “real” bread.DSCN0086

I also put salad in a hummus container that was almost empty and used the hummus on the bottom as dressing.DSCN0084

An apple rounded out the meal, but I still wasn’t full. DSCN0087

So, I ate half of this bar…DSCN0088

My afternoon snack was carrots and trailmix.DSCN0090DSCN0089

But, since my “hungry” day continued I ate the rest of the bar. I was mad at myself for eating it because I couldn’t tell if it was stress eating or what, but I decided to just observe my behavior without judgement and learn about myself.DSCN0091

I had a handful of bluebs when I got home (no pic)

Dinner was the exact same thing as last night. I added a lot more broccoli tonight for volume!DSCN0092

Now I am munching on cherries and hoping to feel full any second now…DSCN0095

On the home front…my mom said she is going to buy me a ticket to visit CA over the weekend in October :) Yes! It will probably be just Friday to Sunday, but I’m excited!!!


  1. susan says

    i miss you my friend, lets stop playing phone tag and finally talk this week. I cant wait to hear about your new job and all of the gossip. I know this will make u feel sad but i’m going to vegas this weekend, but trust me i will be thinking of you.

  2. says

    Thanks for posting the recipe – will definitely try it!

    Btw – I have to say that I LOVE the fact that you eat the whole egg and not just the egg white. I love eggs and cannot get myself to only eat egg whites, but every other healthy food blogger seems to not eat them and I’ve slowly started to feel bad for enjoying them so much…

    And I think it’s just normal that you’re super hungry right now. When I started my job a year ago, I remember that I could eat all day long. I think it’s from all the stress and pressure you put on yourself, and I’m sure you’ll be back to normal in a couple weeks.

  3. says

    English muffins do nothing for me either. They’re too small–I always feel robbed when I’m finished.

    Let’s see…cross-country move, new job…I think a little stress-induced eating is expected. Just go with it. From the looks of it, you’re still doing great anyway–there doesn’t appear to be any binging going on!

  4. says

    I love how you made the “salad in a bowl” just like the “oats in a bowl” using the end of the containers goodies! Great idea !

  5. sydneybristow2009 says

    That salmon patty looks delicious !! I may post the recipe over on my blog, though of course I’ll give you credit …

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